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July 27, 2010
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Necromantia by rodg-art Necromantia by rodg-art
well.. this is another personal work...
I spent almost one month.. Used my friend as reference, lol..
One more time.. I'm not completely happy but satisfied by the evolution, becouse my head is always ahead my technique.
Is it..
I hope u like!

tools: left hand, wacom tablet, phocotó cs4
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*cough* *take headset and activate the play button in the music-player-program*
Okay it is time for a new critique! At the first I have to say, that I dont write so much critiques - only by pictures I realy like. So feel honored! That does not happen very often. :D And please be lenient toward to me for my bad english and my 'not realy' dry writing style. Now let us start:

.::star:The Character:star::.

.The Impression.

The first time when I saw this awsome work I looked at the necromancer and thought '! Please...can someone transfer him into my room?! Pleasseee!!! >,...,<°' He is relay amazing! I love the way he look and his expression says more than 1000 words. Maybe with a little bad grin he would look more evil than now, but it is okay how it is. :) In my eyes he is the pure evil. When you look at him you can see the impenetrable darkness in his heart.
(Oh my god, go out of my mind you stupid fantasy~romance! >,<° I write to much storys *cries and beat with the head on the table*... -__-") You can interpret it in two ways:
first: born with the devil on the shoulder or
second: a broken soul on the way of the darkness, in the hope that someone will bring the light back to his heart.
I would prefer the second way, but both are good. :O
With his body language, the empty eyes and the expression he tell his own story to everyone. But one thing will be the same in every way. With him you cannot make much jokes...Ok you can, but the little, very unimportant question is how you want to survive that?! Or more the things, they will happen after, when the earth began to break and the restless come back to the light.

.The Anytomy.
God, he is hot realy... O,o" The pelvic bones are good underscored I think. The abs are well done. Not to much and not to little. The shoulders look big and powerfull. The most people think that necromancers should be very thin, but that is not my view. Maybe that is one of the reasons, why I love this picture so much! He gave me the feeling, that he isn't very undead. The shining veins show a lot of magical power is his body...All in all is the anatomy very excellent! I think his backside would be even impressive like his front!

.The Specials and the accessorys.
What I realy love is that giant shoulder pad with the different skulls. Those little threads with the perls remember me on my own species and they give your character the necessary soul deep. Only the fact that you draw it shows the love to the detail and give me the feeling, that those necromancer has a background story. I hate those superficial characters! If you look at him ('*sigh* he need a name...I cannot call him "he/necromancer" the whole time...ohw forgive me Rodrigo but I call him what would be okay? Levias...yeah...rember me one one of my storys. Please dont kill me! ;_;")...Again. If you look at Levias you see the fights and the defeats again the death and the pain he has to live with, when he realy want to become a necromancer. Or want to stay as one of them...Everyone who has a bit experience with the topic "the living death" -may it be from games or books- will know that the way between the two spheres isn't easy. So congratulations to show it in such a good way...ohw. That is the "Specials" topic, is it? I talk to much...forgive me. -___-" Back to the normal topic. :D
I love the little shining thing in the midde of his waist protection. Maybe a trapped soul, huh? Or the soul of someone he lost in the past??? Who gives him now the engery to dont mutate into a monster? The hood is awsome! I think it is one of the main things, which gave Levias his complete impact! The runes on his belt and the little bit fur on the boots are awsome too. Normaly I could list every thing you add on his clothes, but nobody would read it. So let me thell the (only) two things I dont like. Ok, thats not right. They confuse me, is the better way of describing.
The one thing is the giant chain on his backside. I can see the one half, but were dos it end? If it would go to his right side on his back, I think that should be shown between his legs, because the left half hangs a bit to deep for it. Does it? Hm...And the other thins is the net bag in his left hand. Should that be one (or two) eyes in it?

.::star:The Foreground:star::.
Because I cannot cut this topic in singel parts, I will write it all in one text, okay?
What do I see?...Hm. I see the living death. Brought back by Levias. Much intelligence, or only a bit? I dont know so right, but they are drawn very good! You draw so much details on the three zombies (???), that they act like something in the middle of the picutre, but they arent. The anatomy of the heads is very awsome, but there are two things I dont linke on them:
1. For the living death I think there is to much on their body. When I imagine a zombie I came everytime out by a bony thing with a skin like wet leather. Okay, if we say they are "fresh" death (lol), it is okay.
2. The eyes...I dunno, but I think for undeath creatures there is to much in their eyes. Zombies dont have any emotion in their view, I think. They are soulless play toys. The next time you should make the eyes more dark and without any sparkle in it. They should look...yeah...I need a word for it...blunt, deep, restless. Yeah those three word should be okay.
Every other thing is okay. :)

.::star:The Background:star::.
The background is not the foregorund and not the middle...And on those picture he is only a part to fill the impact and make it complete I think. He is responsible for the last little part, which should catapult us into the world of the pictre. Here it is...dark, bleak, and hopeless. I think for the complete picture it is perfect. :) Very well choosen...very well.

.::star:The complete pack:star::.
*sigh* I dunnow what I should say now, because everyting I wanted to say you can read in the parts above....Hmmm~.
Forgive me but I sit now here for 5 minutes and I dont know what I should tell you now. But without any lie, you should sell it in a big size, I would buy it! :D :D :D For my poor white wall...Maybe I would do it over my book wall? Maybe.
I hope the critque is okay, even when I wrote it on my way. :meow: I realy love those picture and I think you know that now, too. *big grin* If something is not okay, please tell me! :D (maybe my bad english!? XD Ohw so bad,soo baaad...) I gave your character a name >->°....bad Halo, bad Halo. You can ignore that! It is your picutre! :)

So, that was it for the first...
Yeah I will come back >,...,<° :D
If he let me >.>°
Greetings your :iconabilenciumsouldancer:
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thanks =D
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Hi ...Dear RodrigoElven...!!!
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I love the way it makes me feel that I should really fear him
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yep u should haha
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I absolutely love this pic, the best part is the Zombies in front they give so much feeling into this, creepy
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